Collection: Jamaican Healing Herbs

Harvested from the Hills of Jamaica with the purpose of self healing, as We know We Grow! Each Herb has many benefits that will build your body and keep you thriving!

Chaney Root Helps with physical strength and stamina riches in iron

Raw Moon Joint and back pain male aphrodisiac strength and energy 

Guinea Hen Weed (Anamu aka gully root)treat against cancer pain relief disease free

Sarsaparilla Detoxification of the blood helps with blood flow

Strong Back strengthening the back improve posture strong core muscle and preventing back pain secure stability of the spine

Blue Vervain A natural source of domaine promotes positive thinking helps  improve function after a stroke ensure sufficient energy and blood supply to the brain, support heart health nerve cell protection and anxiety.  

Sour Sap High in vitamin C know to boost the immune heath the vitamins strengthen the immune system and fight against cancer cells such as prostate cancer and reduce prostate size.

Dog Blood Cleans up the female reproductive tract targeting inflammation in the uterus, fallopian tubes, fibroids and cysts in the womb.

Lemon Grass Is used to treat everything from cold and fever effects in children and adults essential vitamins and minerals A,B,C potassium, magnesium, Zinc.

Medina provides strength and stamina helps with cold and flu symptoms high iron contain is also used to combat anemia and low blood count traditionally used as a sexual booster in Jamaica. 

Baceda Bark The Bark is used for medication as a energizer blood purifier and good health.

Red Bladderwrack  contains additional 10 essential minerals especially when mixed with sea moss which gives the full 102 vitamin & minerals anti inflammatory properties protecting kidney, liver, clears bacteria thyroid disorder 

Cerase Used to treat high blood pressure diabetes used to expelling kidney stones constipation detoxification of the gut.